Howling At The Moon

I was driving home from work tonight & was amazed by the waning quarter moon that was begining to descend to the horizon. Its sight instilled awe, wonder & a great energization throughout my being.

And then I got to thinking about how long it had been since I had howled at the moon.

Gods, it must be about ten years, at least – if not longer. So long that I only vaguely remember the amazing feeling it inspires. And I have the urge to go howl at the moon again, as if to rekindle that canine part of my soul. To get into touch with my inner wolf and run through the moonlit forest again (a sensation that is indescribable).

But tonight was not right. That I know. A quarter moon isn’t enough. But the sight of it brought back the memory…

And then I found this picture (posted above) and the sensation multiplied exponentially. Soemthing is happening right now & I am going to explore it when I rest my head upon my pillow this night. I again feel the call of the pack and the gentle night breeze brushing against me under that ancient oak, bathed in Luna’s silvery light.

This is my Spiritual Experience. It is Existential. It is Mystical. It is Powerful. It is Indescribable.

The Theology, Metaphysic & Philosophy I discuss is only a by-product of the actual experience… for without the experience there would be nothing. We experience even our thoughts – & that experienciality (to coin a term) justifies a priori the Cogito: “I think, therefor I am.” It is the experience of thought that gives us a validation of our existence. And it is my Spiritual Experience – like running through the moonlit forest with my pack – that justifies my own Metaphysic & Mysticism.

So go out and experience your spirituality. Do not just talk about it. Go out & live it!

Then tell me about it.  Share your own experiences – those moments where you’ve understood something a little deeper about yourself or the world.


I would be so grateful if you shared your thoughts with me.

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