If Your Compassion Does Not Include Yourself, It Is Incomplete – Buddha — The Seeds 4 Life

In life, there will be times of failure, and times of regret. Times of frustration, and times of worry. Moments of insecurity and inadequacy plague even the most confident among us. We will all experience some level of self-doubt and self-criticism, and this is what makes the practice of self-compassion so vitally important. Today, rather…

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Identity, Fear & Choice… (Re-Blog)

As our modern times become increasingly uncertain, identity crises become a prominent feature in our lives. The collective moral obligations that once provided a sense of security and predictability have turned into lines drawn in the sand by individuals, constantly washed away by the tides of our fluid times, clearing the slate for us to […]

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February Distracions…

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted something new. I’ve been busy writing songs for February Album Writing Month. It is an online songwriting challenge where participants must write fourteen songs in the twenty eight days of February.  It is a challenge I have been participating in since 2010 & I find very inspiring.

Now that FAWM is over, I plan on getting back into blogging regularly here at Sacred Knowledge.  But while you wait for my next post, check out my FAWM output from this year.  Leave me a comment below & let me know what you think of the songs.  You can also check out my entire catalogue of albums, live recordings & singles at my Bandcamp Site.  Let me know what you think.

Until next time…

CONSCIOUSNESS – Living for something greater than you.

This was powerful. An amazing quote I thought I needed to share.

The Voice of Silence

yellow flower

“Your adventure in higher consciousness will test you, as well as thrill and satisfy you. Many times you may feel fearful as you stand before unknown dimensions of higher consciousness. Your mind, trying to guess what is about to happen, will never be adequate. Its presumptions are too limited and too predicated on previous experience in the outer world. Your emotions will be stretched beyond the normal comfort level, stretched until they can maintain universal love and revel in the ecstasy of pure being.

Your adventure requires your courage — more courage than you think you’ve got. You will also have to endure, to hang on and persevere, longer than you think you can.

You will need faith. At times it may seem faith is the only thing remaining to you. You will be tempted to let go of your faith and slide back to the turning point where…

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