Music & Spirituality

Anyone who knows me, knows that my biggest addiction is Music. Even those who only “know of me” are aware of this fact. Music has always been part of my life & I cannot conceive of it not being part of my life. So it should come as no surprise to anyone here that I am today musing upon the glorious frequencies & their connection to metaphysics.

If I may, I’m going to start with a quote from one of my favourite song writers (coincidentally, I am listening to his “Eulogic Album” at the moment – Temple Of The Dog)

words and music – My only tools

lets fall in love with music

the driving force of our living
the only international language

divine glory, the expression
the knees bow the tongue

the lord of lords, the king of kings

words and music – My only tools

       from Man Of Golden Words
Mother Love Bone

Music has been an integeral part of our Spiritual & Religious experience from time immemorable. Hymns, chants, &c… are present in just about every Spiritual Path & Religion known to humankind. But why is this? What is it about Music that helps us connect to the greater Spiritual presence?

Well, Music has a direct effect on our emotional state. It also has a direct effect on our body’s natural biological rhythmns (especially our brain waves & our ultradian rhythmns). It has the power to make us relax, to become energized & even put us into altered states – including an Ecstastic State. Music is a powerful phenomen & a great tool for anyone wishing to connect Spiritually.

Try this little experiment. Find a piece of music that has a steady two-beat rhythmn (hopefully in the bass register) that is mellow. Find a warm, comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off the lights, light a candle & some incense if you wish (these last are optional, but greatly help the experience). Get your song going and sit back, close your eyes & relax. Now, begin to time your breathing to that two-beat rhythmn. Breath in on the first beat & breathe out on the second. Keep this breathing rhythmn in time with the song & let yourself be open to experience the Music fully.

I tried this about ten years ago with Pink Floyd’s Careful With The Axe, Eugene with amazing results (tho, I must admit when you get to the part where Roger begins screaming (the climax of the song), I jumped up & began to scream along with him – to my roomate’s horror. To this day, he still feels like I was dying…). Perhaps this isn’t the best song for this process – but it does have that steady, mellow two-beat rhythmn which is great for matching your breathing & heartbeat to (you’ll find if you do this that your heartbeat falls into the same rhythmn).

Powerful stuff.

So the next time you’re listening to your i-Pod, or at a club, or driving in your car listening to the the radio – just think about the deeper effect Music has on you. Not just Physically & Emotionally – but Spiritually as well. Perhaps it will open up whole new vistas of possibilty for you to explore & contemplate. I know Music does that for me…


Originally written on March 5, 2010

For some more musical inspiration: check out Pearl Jam’s version of a Mother Love Bone classic:



Also, check out my own music at: Candle Experiænce
Until next time, Blessed Be…


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