The Lost City Of Dwarka…

As a westener, I do not know much about Hindu mythology or the history of India.  It is a subject I have been curious about for some time.  Until recently, I have never taken any opportunities to research this ancient culture.  But that all changed when I heard about Dwarka.

You see, here in the west, we have all heard the story of the lost city of Atlantis.  We all know the first reference to this lost civilization is found in the writtings of Plato – the Father of Western Philosophy no less.  But how many people know that there is a similar story found in Hindu mythology?  Stories about a great city called Dwarka that was destroyed in ages past.  A city that sunk to the bottom of the sea.  A city, that modern researchers think they have found.

Amish Shah, one of the founders of Ancient Explorers, has created a documentary exploring the history of Dwarka as well as the modern search for the lost city of Dwarka.  Click on the Ancient Explorers Logo below to find out more:

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