Taken from the Welsh, here are some Triads to get you thinking about Wisdom.

3 Virtues Of Wisdom

To Be Aware Of All Things

To Endure All Things

To Be Removed From All Things

3 Spiritual Instructors Of Mankind

Mastery Of Self

Mastery Of World

Mastery Of Unknown

3 Things A Man Is

What He Thinks He Is

What Others Think He Is

What He Really Is

3 Things To Be Controlled Above All

The Hand

The Tongue


3 People Deserving Admiration

Those Who Look With Love On The Beauty Of The Earth

On Little Children

On A Great Work Of Art

3 Signs Of Compassion

To Understand A Child’s Complaint

To Not Disturb An Animal That Is Lying Down

To Be Cordial To Strangers

3 Things To Be Avoided By The Wise

Expecting The Impossible

Grieving Over The Irretrievable

Fearing The Inevitable


I would be so grateful if you shared your thoughts with me.

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