Sensing Descartes…

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Yet Monty Python said that he: “…was a drunken old fart”  Still, he had a lot of good ideas & is considered the father of modern philosophy.

So, do you completely trust your senses & the information they relay to you every single moment of your waking life?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  Tell me any of your experiences when your senses have deceived you.


I double dog dare you…

Lately I have been reading a lot of blogs & books about expanding an Individual’s potential.  I’ve watched a lot of videos by various speakers who are trying to help others expand their horizons & live their lives to their full potential.  This process has put me back on the path to my existential purpose & I am already beginning to see results.  Jean Paul Satre said that our only constraint is our freedom – that we have no choice but to choose.  What if you knew what choices would take you in the direction you were Truly meant to go?  What if you could connect with the universe in such a way as to freely follow your gut instincts & be able to manifest everything you need in order to fulfill your life’s purpose?

Well, a guy named Amish Shah has an amazing story to tell you.  And he’s willing to share his experiences & techiniques with anyone who wants to listen.  I was quite impressed by his ideas & the ancient symbols he uses to make his life the life of his dreams.  I have even tried some of the exercises he offers & have found amazing results.  And now Amish is offering a free nine part online course that will show you how to bend your reality to achieve your ultimate potential.  It’s powerful stuff.

I dare you, no I double dog dare you to go to his great website: Porject:Yourself & find out how you can bend reality to achieve the goals you have always wanted.