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I was struck by the symetry, the beauty & the complexity of the ancient Hindu symbol known as the Sri Yantra. Now I have to admit that Hinduism is a subject I do not know much about – yet I have always been curious about this ancient religion & the mythos it espouses. And so, a few months ago I began to delve into the subject – concentrating on this amazing symbol. That is when I stumbled upon a website talking about the benefits of meditating on the Sri Yantra. I was immediately facinated & began to delve deeper into what the site had to say. There seems to be many ancient mysteries surrounding this powerful symbol. Mysteries that might allow the Individual the ability to unlock their true potential. I was hooked. I needed to find out more.

So now I am exploring further. And you can as well. Click on the link below to find out everything you need to know about the ancient mystical symbol & how it can help you realize your own potential.

Leave me a comment below & tell me your own experiences with this amazing symbol.


An Ancient Allegory About Enlightenment…

Over 2000 years ago, Plato described reality in terms of an Allegory.  He was keenly aware of how much of what we Believe is simply illusions we Choose to accept.  This wonderful animation perfectly presents his Allegory Of The Cave.

Are there any other Allegories or Parables that have helped you understand life?  If so, I want to hear about them.  Tell me what stories inspired you to look at the world differently.

I double dog dare you…

Lately I have been reading a lot of blogs & books about expanding an Individual’s potential.  I’ve watched a lot of videos by various speakers who are trying to help others expand their horizons & live their lives to their full potential.  This process has put me back on the path to my existential purpose & I am already beginning to see results.  Jean Paul Satre said that our only constraint is our freedom – that we have no choice but to choose.  What if you knew what choices would take you in the direction you were Truly meant to go?  What if you could connect with the universe in such a way as to freely follow your gut instincts & be able to manifest everything you need in order to fulfill your life’s purpose?

Well, a guy named Amish Shah has an amazing story to tell you.  And he’s willing to share his experiences & techiniques with anyone who wants to listen.  I was quite impressed by his ideas & the ancient symbols he uses to make his life the life of his dreams.  I have even tried some of the exercises he offers & have found amazing results.  And now Amish is offering a free nine part online course that will show you how to bend your reality to achieve your ultimate potential.  It’s powerful stuff.

I dare you, no I double dog dare you to go to his great website: Porject:Yourself & find out how you can bend reality to achieve the goals you have always wanted.

Tesla’s Take On Human Energy

 e2bb31e9506d96e53f147697b88c690eThere is much to be said about Nikola Tesla. That he was a man ahead of his time is obvious. In fact, one could argue that his ideas are even ahead of our own times. That there are many who believe that a great conspiracy surrounds his works – supposed stories of the US government confiscating many of his works & writings – is certainly the case. Many believe such stories – whether these stories are True or not. I am not about to make a judgement on this here.

However, what I am going to offer today is some inspired reading of one of Tesla’s works. Originally published in the Century Illustrated Magazine in June of 1900, this article delves into the topic of energy & human potential. It is a fascinating look at how Tesla’s mind worked & a great introduction to some of his ideas regarding energy, vibration & human potential. You can read the entire article at the following link: The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy

Wild stuff, eh? Well, share your thoughts & leave me a comment below. Tell me what you think of Tesla, his ideas & any crazy ideas about energy you might have. I look forward to hearing from you soon.