Vibration (David Icke)

Watch the video.  Though some dismiss David Icke, his ideas do make us want to ask more questions.

Some of my thoughts: vibrating frequencies of any form have a measurable effect on matter.  Also, they have an effect on our bodies & minds.  Case in point: listen to some music.  Drop some Death Metal or Gangster Rap into your MP3, CD or Record player & feel your emotions getting more aggressive.  Same thing for ambient soundscapes – you’ll feel yourself relaxing & dropping into an Alpha State.  It is also a well known fact that resonant frequencies have the ability to shatter brittle materials (glass, for example), so why is it not possible that the same resonant frequencies would not add form to formless matter?

So now that you’ve watched the video – & maybe read some of the comments by YouTube users, what are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comment form below.  What sorts of frequencies resonate with you?  Do you prefer soft, ambient music or is something more aggressive your cup of tea?  Have you experienced a shift in emotion because of music or some other sound frequency?  Share your stories & your thoughts right now.


4 thoughts on “Vibration (David Icke)

  1. I have been following Icke for years now and totally agree that he has some wonderfully brilliant ideas. I for one would like to see one of his all day seminars he puts on all over the world. Still not sure the queen is a lizard though…not saying she isn’t either…lol

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  2. I’m definitely a fan of David Icke. I don’t agree with a lot of his ideas but I don’t feel you need to agree with a thinker or artist in order to be a fan. I like that he’s an iconoclast. I like that he has the guts to see his ideas through and not pay too much mind to what people think (something which in itself has ironically won him a lot of fans). And while the shapeshifter stuff will never sit well with me, I find that his analyses of the social and political power structures that govern our world, and breed conformity, is pretty brilliant. Hope you’re doing well, Darby!

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    • Thanks Daniel! Yes I am well & I hope you are doing well too. I agree that one does not have to agree with someone to respect them or even call oneself a fan. I have never really followed his talks or writtings, but this video jumped out at me. I have long had an interest in the power of frequencies (as you no-doubt know from my musical explorations). I have always thought that sound & music are far more powerful then the mundane “entertainment value” most Individuals ascribe to them.

      Thank you so much for your comments!

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