Condemned To Be Free

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Leave a comment below & share with us what meaning you have given your life today.


3 thoughts on “Condemned To Be Free

  1. Here are a couple of my thoughts on this subject off the cuff for my best buddy.

    Hmmm… I don’t really think this way. The question presupposes we can bring meaning into our lives subjectively.

    I believe that there is an objective meaning to life. It will look different to everyone that seeks it but I really believe in ‘The Good’ and that it can be achieved in a life. Will daily meaning improve one’s humour?…most definitely! However these daily meaningful choices we make coalesce into a chain of events that lead us each down a path. That path results in the situations we find ourselves in. If a daily ritual or idea makes us feel better or helps us in a constructive way is it necessarily good for us and does it then become the meaning of life?

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    • I see what you are saying. As imperfect creatures, we can only imperfectly give a subjective meaning to life. And there is the danger of assigning absolute meaning to daily rituals – a sort of addiciton to normalcy, I guess one could say. This then emprisons one in never ending habits that make one feel “safe” & “secure”, though in no means able to progress in any meaningful way. Excellent point!


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