The Journey: First Steps

I am currently about half way through writing a short little book entittled “The Journey” that I hope to publish in order to get this project going.   I want this book to be short, to the point & work as a first step to get Individuals interested in a community whose sole goal & raison-d’être is to help everyone lead an happier & more fulfilled life.  It is the first step to achieving this goal.

Just as a bit of a tease, here is an exerpt from the book.  It is a little bit about myself & where I am at in my own particular Life’s Path.

            I am a Philosopher, Musician, Writer & lover of history. I live one of those usual middle class lives in a small town in north-western Ontario. My wife & I have been married for fifteen years & we have an eight year old son as well as a ten year old Irish-Setter/St Bernard cross named Bruiser. We live in an one hundred year old brick house & enjoy the normal “middle class life” of work, school & our son’s extra curricular activities (hockey, Scouts, soccer & baseball). By day I work at the local recreation center as a Lifeguard & Swimming Instructor. In my spare time: I write stories & philosophical meditations; I compose, record & perform experimental rock music & I spend time with my family & friends.

I am just another regular western society guy with a young family.

The above description of my life sounds perfect – a great example of the so-called “American Dream” (which in my case would be the Canadian version). There may be some people who would be deeply satisfied with the life I lead. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, my friends, my house & all the activities I participate in. It’s just I feel like there should be more to my life. It is like I’m not reaching my potential because I have so much more to give the world – if only I could figure out how to go about doing it.

As a child I grew up dreaming those regular childhood dreams. I wanted to be a fire fighter. I wanted to be a hockey star. I even wanted to be an archæologist like Indiana Jones. As I got older, those childhood dreams changed & seemed to become more focused. Fire fighting was out. I didn’t have the skill or physical stamina to be a professional hockey player (let alone any other type of professional athlete). But archæology stayed with me for a very long time. It wasn’t until the end of my first year of university that I let my childhood dream of being an archæologist slip by.

My university years played a key role in my development. In my late teens I became disillusioned with society & where the world seemed to be going. I admit, this was partly a manifestation of the usual teenage angst that just about everyone experiences in one form or another. However, there was more going on. Yes, I was rebellious & angry with the world. But I was also deeply sad at the cruelty of humanity. Everywhere I looked it seemed as if greed & xenophobia were the only motivations for human society. Society demanded that everyone conform (to combat the sense of xenophobia) & wanted everyone to consume the latest & greatest new gadget or fad (to fuel the greed). Life seemed so shallow & cruel.

However, it was with all these dark thoughts spinning in my head that I began to search for who I truly was. It was as if the angst was the catalyst for the philosophical & spiritual journey I now find myself following. This is a realization I have just come to as I write this. The greed & xenophobia demanded that I be different – that I not turn into another social automaton. It forced me to forge my own path, my own destiny.

So I set out on this Journey to find Truth…

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the book, this project & my ever evolving thoughts on life.  Join in the community by following this blog & add your own thoughts & experiences using the comment form below.  I would love to share ideas with you.

Until next time…


I would be so grateful if you shared your thoughts with me.

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