Is Philosophy Dead?

Et bien, tuer toutes les Philosophes!

(Well then, kill all the Philosophers!)

There was once a golden age of thought when men & women would ask those deeper & more meaningful questions.  Those most important questions that seem vital to our very existence.  Various discussions would follow & Individuals would share their ideas & their experiences – hoping to find Truth.


That is what it is all about in the end.

Every second of every day people share their opinions.  Online via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.  In the “Blogosphere” (yes, what I am doing right now).  In the news media: in print; on TV & online op-ed pieces & video streams.  Even in coffee houses & restaurants around the world (though this does seem a little old fashioned now-a-days, right?).

But where have all the Philosophers gone?

Where are all the Individuals who are asking those deeper questions?  Who are talking about broader issues & pondering the greatest mysteries of existence?

Certainly there are Philosophers out there in the world still seeking the answers to this deeper Knowledge.  But we never hear about them anymore.  Their published works are never mentioned, it would seem.  Their thought-provoking perspectives are never shared amongst the citizenry.  Even in our Educational institutions, the study of Philosophy has taken a back-burner to those fields of study where money can be made & social-economically productive careers can be obtained.

Yet in this day & age of mass consumption, mass information, mass media & massive government & corporate control of our every day lives, are Philosophers not more important then ever?  Should we not be seeking to talk with those amongst us who are curious about the greater good & the ultimate meaning of our existence?

I, for one, Believe so.  That is why I am calling out to the world.  Let us begin here, in this small corner of the Internet.  Let us join together & talk.  Let us share our ideas & our experiences.  Let us learn from each other & teach each other new things.  Let us make Truth our primary goal.  Let us band together & fight for Truth & for a better world where we can all find purpose & meaning while living a life of fulfillment & happiness.

Join me.

Press the “Follow” Button on this page.  Share your ideas & experiences in the comment section below.  How can we bring Philosophy & Critical Thinking back into our modern Social Media Culture?  How do we move beyond being “productive members of society” & achieve the goals we all Truly seek?  Let me know in the comment space below & be part of this Philosophical Revolution!


I would be so grateful if you shared your thoughts with me.

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