Talking Theology With My Son…

Children have the ability to amaze & to inspire us beyond the bounds of what we think is possible.  Take for example my eight year old son.  We were on our way home from our weekly Beaver meeting & he started asking me about God.  Now, we have talked about God before, a subject that he is keenly interested in.  My wife & I have him enrolled in a Catholic school, even though neither of us are Catholic.  The reason why he is enrolled in a Catholic school is because it was the only school in town at the time that offered French Immersion education.

Anyway, about this Theological discussion.  I can’t quite remember how it all started, but I do know that he brought up the subject…

Now being a student of a Catholic School, he learns all about the Bible, about God & especially about Jesus.  To say that I’m not a Christian would be a fairly accurate description of my personal System of Beliefs.  I accept that Jesus Christ was a real Historical figure, a great Prophet & Teacher.  But I cannot call myself a Christian.  Though I think Christ taught a lot of really good things, I think a lot of his teachings have been misconstrued or packaged into Dogma.  My Beliefs are a little broader, though I do not begrudge anyone their own Beliefs.  But enough about me, I want to talk about my son.

So we’re driving home, as I said, & we start talking about God.  I think it might have started with a question: “Dad, is God a real person?”  I told him what I thought, making sure to point out to him that these were my own Beliefs & that everyone has their own opinions on the matter.  I told him, what is important is to understand what you, yourself Believe & why you Believe it.  Whatever your thoughts about God, it should be a personal understanding.  I told him it’s a good idea to ask questions, to read & research; & to talk to as many people as you can about your Beliefs.  And I told him his idea about what God is might change.

His reply is what filled me with wonder.  “Dad, I think my idea about God has already changed.  I used to think that God wasn’t real, that he lived somewhere else & had the power to make everything.  But now I think he is real, that he’s everywhere.”


Coming from an eight year old, this blew my mind.  God is everywhere.

I said: “You know that part in the Bible where it says ‘And he made us in his image’?”  My son said he did.  “Well,” I continued, “I think you’re right & I think that is what that line means.  That inside all of us & everything in the world is that little bit of God, a little bit of Perfection that we’re all trying to become.”

My son smiled: “Dad, I like that.  I think that too.”

Whatever your own thoughts on our Creator, you have to appreciate the perception of Children.  If you’ve never had the chance to talk with a child about how they see the world, do so.  You’ll be amazed at the enlightening things they see & are able to share.  There is a lot we could learn from them.  I know I learn from my son every day.

Until next time,

Blessed Be…


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