A Long Week Ahead…

Have you ever noticed, when you have a day off during the week (like on a Friday), that the entire week drags on as if that day off will never arrive?  One would imagine that a four day work week would be experientially faster then the regular five day work week.  But this rarely seems the case.

Is it Einstein’s fault for pointing out how Time is relative?  Or are we programed to experience a kind of suffering until we are able to enjoy the extra liberty we desire?

I will make it through this week.  Four days only (& the first day is half done).  Then I will be camping this weekend.  The wait will be worth the adventure.  I must be a little more Buddhist.  I must acknowledge that I may suffer this week & move on.  Raise myself above such simple distractions & enjoy the moment – no matter what may be happening.

I hope you can do the same.

Blessed Be.


2 thoughts on “A Long Week Ahead…

  1. I recently noticed how long a day can be, but a week relatively short. I somewhat reconciled that idea by contemplating on the idea that the earth spins on its axis at the same speed every day. I must be patient with how it is.


    • Indeed. Patience is the key – that is why it is said to be a virtue. You’re right, if we keep the universal constants in our minds (like the speed of the Earth’s rotation), it also helps us to reconcile the problem. However, I have often found that although I can intellectually explain phenomena or experiences, I often have trouble emotionally accepting what my intellect has concluded. This is a struggle that I would imagine affects us all.

      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts on this matter.

      Blessed Be.


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