When Sickness Overtakes Thee…

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At the best of times, a deluge of inconsequential thoughts forced upon it by mundane responsibilities & distracting sensory input clouds the mind.  This over-powering absorption of input takes away from the Individual’s ability to focus – especially the ability to focus on what is Truly important in one’s life.

The challenge of focusing is made that much more difficult when one’s body is in the throws of sickness.  Whether one is sick from a cold, flu, chronic pain or some other ailment – it is that much harder to concentrate & keep one’s goals in the forefront of one’s mind.  As such, when the Individual is sick – especially if she suffers an ongoing condition such as cancer or chronic pain – the Individual must work even harder to stay on her Life’s Path.

I, like every other Individual, am a perfect example:  I suffer from Juvenile Arthritis.  Also, at the moment I am battling a horrendous cold that has permeated through my town for the past month.  I will not describe any of my symptoms, as I do not wish to suffer your pity.  I am simply describing my current situation as an example of the challenges we all face.  My current situation has made it hard to focus on my Life’s Goals.  As I try to envision myself progressing toward the goals I Know I need to accomplish, I have lately found the sickness of my body draining vital energy from me.  As I cough in lengthy spasms, I cannot keep my concentration focused on the goals I so deeply need.

What can we learn from this then?  Simply put: one must keep one’s health in good standing if one is to progress in any mental of spiritual way.  It requires the health of mind, body & soul to achieve that which is necessary for every Individual to achieve.  So look after your body.  Eat a balanced diet (i.e. stay away from all those unbalanced fad-diets).  Get regular exercise.  Get plenty of rest.  Your body must be healthy or your Individual quest to achieve your Life’s Goals will be exponentially harder.

Until Next Time,

Blessed Be.



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