The Never Ending Journey…

        Behind every Door is a possibility.


        Behind every Fear is a crutch.


        Behind every Spirit is a desire.


      Behind every Choice is a reason.

    Five more to face.

    Five more to bear.

    Five more to suffer.

    Yet we must acknowledge that there is Suffering & move on…

    Four times ten plus three times two & an extra two…



    Illusions upon a stone wall…

    I see this.

    Yet I Choose to accept their Validity.
    I give them Authority over me.
    Yet I still have my Will to Power…

    Fresh air & grasslands await me.

    I will return Home.
    I will be where I am meant to be at the moment I am meant to be.

    I just need to take that next step…

    The Journey never ends. Every new corner simply opens up more possibilities.

    Blessed Be.


    An Ancient Allegory About Enlightenment…

    Over 2000 years ago, Plato described reality in terms of an Allegory.  He was keenly aware of how much of what we Believe is simply illusions we Choose to accept.  This wonderful animation perfectly presents his Allegory Of The Cave.

    Are there any other Allegories or Parables that have helped you understand life?  If so, I want to hear about them.  Tell me what stories inspired you to look at the world differently.

    The Top 5 Philosophy Books That Influenced Me


    5. The Republic – Plato

    As one of the Father’s of Western Philosophy, Plato has had a massive influence
    on our civilization and the way people think. The Republic is probably his best
    known work. In the dialectic style, Plato attempts to describe a perfect society
    while addressing many of the issues any society would face. The sociology &
    politics aside, the part that sticks out the most in my mind is The Allegory Of The
    which begins on line 514a of the text. If you are able to see the material
    world for what it truly is, it might bear a striking resemblance to Plato’s Cave.
    What you can learn from this observation might shock & free you at the same


    4 Être Et Le Néant (Being & Nothingness) – Jean Paul Satre

    Perhaps the greatest existential atheist to have ever lived, Jean Paul Satre was a
    man who evoked strong reactions from his readers & from the world as a whole.
    His ideas regarding the nature reality and the power of the Individual turned
    philosophy on its head. For me, the most important thing I learnt from Satre is
    that we are beings who are Free except that we are only constrained by Choice.
    It is the understanding of the Power of Choice that will Truly set you Free.


    3. Meditations – René Descartes

    Whenever I think of Descartes, I can’t help but get Monty Python’s The
    Philosopher’s Song
    stuck in my head. You know the one: “René Descartes was a
    drunken old fart//’I drink therefor I am’” But I digress… My own epistemology &
    understanding of knowledge starts with Descartes. His famous Cogito (mocked
    so well by Python & many others) is for me, the foundation of all Epistemology.
    This a priori (or self-evident) Truth proves that at the very least, I exist. And from
    there, anything is Truly possible


    2. The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

    Though not a Philosophical work, strictly speaking, the life’s philosophy
    contained in The Celestine Prophecy will put you on the path of connectedness &
    help you reach your goals. The idea of the Celestine is that every day
    synchronistic coincidences happen to Individuals. These coincidences are
    messages from the universe that, if heeded, will help Individuals along their life’s
    path. The trick is, staying connected & following these coincidences to their
    ultimate end. This is an endeavour I am still struggling to master.


    1 Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Friedrich Nietzsche

    The great german Nihilist. The often misunderstood philosophical genius &
    madman. Nietzsche’s masterpiece is superbly written & complex to its core. The
    ideas it presents demand that the reader take up the hammer and strike down
    everything – & then run through the forest dancing & singing, living life to its
    fullest. It warns of the dangers of the Mob & forces the Individual to reach for
    the higher goals in life. As Zarathustra himself says many times: “Man is but a
    bridge to the overman.”


    What are some of the books that have influenced you? Leave me a comment & let me
    know. Maybe we can share our Knowledge & help each other cross Zarathustra’s
    bridge faster.