The Journey: A Beginning

Photo c/o t3rmin4t0r via Flickr

Photo c/o t3rmin4t0r via Flickr


I just need to start writing…

That is what I told myself this morning after thinking about the many different possible ways to go about this project. So here I go.

There are many people, like me, who are unsatisfied with their life. Maybe they are in a job they hate, maybe they are in a relationship that isn’t working or maybe they just don’t know what to do or where to go next. What we are all looking for is a sense of Happiness & Fulfillment – a satisfaction with life.

I got to thinking, isn’t it true that there is strength in numbers?  Isn’t it possible that collectively we can all help each other live better, happier & more fullfilling lives by sharing our experiences, our ideas, our stories & helping each other out in any way possible?  So why don’t we do that?

The Journey is then an exercise to collectively help each other pull ourselves up out of this life of dissatisfaction. It is a tool I hope to use to help others & myself find the happiness & fulfillment we all seek. I know it is the beginning of something bigger & better.

Stay tuned for more information as I roll it out.  Until then, let me know your thoughts about such a crazy idea.  Use the comment section below & tell us about your own struggles in life & how you overcame them.  Or maybe tell us about problems you have faced or are facing that you can not seem to solve.  Maybe we can help you out.


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